Seasoned Firewood. Renewable Sources.

Our logs are sourced from our own woodland or from nearby surrounding woodlands. Our firewood is kept undercover and seasoned for at least a year ensuring you get better heating efficiency, a cleaner burn and a cleaner chimney. And to get your fire started, we sell bags of kindling also produced on site.

Biomass. Wood Fueled Heating.

As well as the more traditional firewood we also cater for biomass and wood gasification boilers and can provide free and quick delivery of suitable logs. Indeed, our own central heating is run this way.

Timber Milling.

We don't just sell firewood, we have our own milling facilities and can provide various types of locally grown softwood and hardwood timber, cut to your specification.

Woodchip. Paths and Animal Bedding.

We also have a large quantity of woodchip for use on paths, as animal bedding or as mulching material.

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